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Thank you for your interest in our beta launch, UGCcreator.ai.

We are a UGC SaaS platform built for web 3 brands, connecting brands to creators for free.

We prioritize UGC creators over “influencers.”

As web 3 becomes increasingly community-focused, it also becomes inherently focused on user-generated content (UGC).

What’s the catch?

No hidden fees, we put you up in our database – creators will reach out to you.

Victor / vctr will contact you before listing your company for basic vetting & learn more about what your project does.

Since web 3 growth is relatively unexplored, implementing ambassador programs from the web 2 space requires some testing. Therefore, it is currently in beta launch.

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UGC Creators vs Influencers: what’s the difference?


Influencers can be expensive, and their reach is often limited to a one-time audience. The lifetime value of a tweet, for example, is typically only a few hours or days.

While influencers can be effective for building brand awareness and launching new products, it’s important to remember that you are primarily paying for their reach rather than their content quality.


Consumers may not perceive influencers as credible due to the numerous sponsorships they receive. However, when everyday individuals promote a product, it comes across as more authentic and trustworthy.


Campaigns involving user-generated content (UGC) creators can last for months. The content they produce can take various forms, such as written content, visual content, saturation, and community building. They all share a unified goal: conversion.

They create marketing material, hype, social proof & organic impressions from their presence alone.

It’s like having the most loyal fan on board – tweeting daily, interacting on Discord, leaving raving reviews on multiple platforms, and providing an SEO-optimized review on their personal blog.

However, the extent of their involvement depends on the deliverables you set and the creators you onboard.

How do I use UGC creators in web 3?

  • ORM

Protect your project from social engineering & phishing attacks.

  • Speed up your market adoption

By adopting user-generated content (UGC) creators into your projects, you can establish your online presence and gain marketing material for your project.

  • Social proof

When it comes to new and upcoming projects, sometimes it’s best to “fake it till you make it.” Generate interest among other people in the crypto community to gain real traction in return.